Robert A. West, CHMM, CEI, REM

Master of Science, 1979 (pending) - Analytical Chemistry, Rutgers University
Bachelor of Science, 1977 - Chemistry, University of Cincinnati

Mr. West has more than eighteen (18) years experience managing, operating, and developing businesses for several national and international corporations. The services offered by these companies include waste handling, storage, treatment, and disposal and remedial, engineering and evaluation services for contaminated sites. During this time, Mr. West has also been involved in the development, marketing, and implementation of ten (10) new techniques/technologies in the environmental services field. These techniques/ technologies include solvent extraction, rotary kiln and fluidized bed incineration, soil vapor extraction, stabilization, and bioremediation. Several multi-million dollar projects have been successfully bid and managed by Mr. West and the staff of the companies for which he has worked.

Mr. West has also estimated, written, budgeted, reviewed, presented and managed projects in the environmental services field. These include site assessments, remedial investigations, feasibility and treatability studies, remedial design, remedial action and closure phases of various projects. A representative cross-section of clients for whom Mr. West has performed services would include Fortune 100 industrial and commercial companies; PRP groups; and federal, state, and local agencies. Many of Mr. West's projects have required qualification submissions/presentations and a variety of studies and post project reports which he has authored.

Mr. West has also interfaced with federal, state, and local agencies and their environmental programs including the Army Corps of Engineers. He has demonstrated the compliance and effectiveness of companies and technologies to private clients, PRP groups, and associations including the Hazard Waste Treatment Council, the American Electroplater's Society, and the Institute of Hazardous Material Management of New Jersey. Mr. West has spoken nationally to regulators, peer groups, and clients regarding regulations, markets, and specific technologies and their applications. He is also a member of many trade organizations.

Mr. West has developed a broad understanding of and a strong working knowledge in the environmental regulations in 29, 40, and 49 CFR through more than a decade of experience in their application. Mr. West has lectured on various sections of these regulations in seminars throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Currently Mr. West is President of R.A. West Associates, Inc., a consulting firm in the environmental services field specializing in property and liability insurance claims.

Commercial Boiler Explosion Asbestos Cleanup in a High-Rise Office Building

A 60,000 square foot, New York office building experienced an over firing of its boiler system. As a result the mag-block insulation of the boiler was blown off the boiler surface and into the surrounding area. Pipe lagging containing asbestos was also damaged by the shrapnel from the explosion. Mr. West provided contamination investigation and definition service, abatement design assistance, and project oversight for this two hundred thousand-dollar restoration.

Post-Fire Asbestos Fireproofing Contamination Evaluation of a High-Rise Office Building

A seven story, 120,000 square foot, office building in New York was the subject of a small, sooty, plastics fire confined to a kitchenette. Investigation of potential soot contamination revealed a troweled-on asbestos coating on the under side of the suspended ceiling of the fifth floor and a plenum space above the ceiling with asbestos containing spray applied fireproofing. Mr. West provided inspection, ACM sampling, remedial design and specification, bidding documents and cost analysis of the cleanup.

Commercial Parking Garage Renovation with Removal of Asbestos Containing Materials

An in ground parking garage serving a complex of commercial and residential space in a Philadelphia high-rise building underwent a renovation including the removal of an asbestos containing membrane which separated the concrete parking structure from the above ground improvements. Mr. West provided removal design consultation, health and safety monitoring during the project and closure reporting for this phased restoration project valved in excess of 750,000 dollars.

Asbestos Removal Project Dispute Support

The management for a residential apartment complex hired a contractor to remove asbestos containing roofing tiles from tenant-occupied buildings in the complex. The project was reviewed by the state and regional environmental protection offices while it was in progress. As a result of the review, the state ordered the project to be shut down and fined the property Owner and the contractor. This raised several issues with the tenants as some of the waste materials had fallen in or near their living spaces. The Owner contracted for the cleanup of the affected areas and for consulting services in an effort to continue the removal work. At the Owner's attorneys' request, Mr. West reviewed the Owner's consultant's work and reviewed the project. Mr. West suggested changes in the approach to the proposed removal which provided a safe workplace and brought the project in compliance with local state and federal regulations while being cost-effective. Mr. West also coordinated the use of a toxicologist in this case. The toxicologist provided expert information at an owner/tenant meeting which lead to resolution of many of the tenant concerns. In addition, Mr. West performed sampling, analysis, and reporting services to verify the cleanliness of certain apartments and identify other suspected asbestos materials.

City Housing Authority Lead Inspections and Litigation Support

A major city housing authority has employed Mr. West in the inspection of city-owned properties which were the subject of personal injury litigation relating to the Lead-Based Coatings used to paint the interior and exterior of these residences. Mr. West has provided XRF and bulk sample testing and inspection services on many multi-family building throughout the city. In addition, Mr. West has written expert reports which were used in the litigation of such matters.

Housing and Development Commission Renovations

Mr. West has provided asbestos and lead inspection services for a city housing and development commission prior to renovation of these properties. The services he has provided include the inspection, sampling, testing and analysis of bulk and surface wipe samples from these masonry, frame, and concrete structures.

City-Owned Incineration Facility Phase I Inspection

A large municipal incineration disposal facility was inspected for asbestos, lead, motor fuel and lubricants contamination as well as other environmental hazards prior to the disposition of the property. Mr. West provided inspection, sample analyses review, and reporting of all finding regarding this multimillion dollar facility.

Lender Liability Inspection Prior to Demolition

A property containing several turn-of-the-century clapboard structures used for commercial and residential purposes were inspected for asbestos and lead containing materials prior to their demolition. Mr. West provided inspection, sampling, analysis, and reporting of all known lead and asbestos hazards as well as cost of cleanup estimates for a large lending institution.

Post-Fire Evaluation and Cleanup of 38 Story High-Rise Office Building

This East coast property experienced a fire which released PCBs and dioxins from building construction materials and electrical lighting ballasts into the structure. The fire destroyed eight floors of the 800,000 square foot high-rise. Evaluation of surface and bulk concentrations of contaminants was conducted for these and other suspected residues released from the fire. Mr. West prepared preliminary estimates of environmental repair which were used in creating reserves for the restoration work. Mr. West performed oversight of other contractors during the investigation, evaluation, remedial design, restoration specification development, and repair contract bidding process. Mr. West reviewed sampling plans for contamination characterization and monitored their implementation. Mr. West also developed and implemented certain specific contaminant and media characterization sampling plans. Thousands of sample points were collected and analyzed in the characterization of residues from this event. Most data was handled through the Statistical Analysis System (SAS). West Associates, Mr. West's firm, provided statistical treatment of data from the characterization of the contamination and management of Health and Safety related issues resulting from the restoration project. Mr. West also reviewed all data derived from this process and developed and coordinated (with other repair specifications) an environmental specification for restoration of the building. Mr. West assisted in the preparation of the restoration schedule using the Critical Path Method (CPM). Mr. West evaluated potential contractors for the decontamination of surfaces and the removal and disposal of contaminated wastes. Mr. West also assisted in the selection of bidders for the restoration specification. This work was completed for the property's insurer.

Army Corps of Engineers - Bridgeport Rental and Oil Services

Mr. West was responsible for proposal and implementation team coordination with EBASCO's Environmental Services Division, the prime contractor on this 52.7 million-dollar PCB incineration project. This state lead Superfund project was designed for on-site incineration technology which was provided by ENSCO Environmental Services Inc. to EBASCO. ENSCO is responsible for all thermal treatment of the oily waste found at this Superfund site in southern New Jersey. EBASCO is responsible for project management and sludge removal, delivery to the incinerator feed system and replacement of treated soils. The incineration subcontract was 23 million dollars. The uniquely designed incineration system employs a first-of-its-kind oxygen enriched portable 80 million BTU/hour rotary kiln unit.

Morton-Thiokol Inc. - Plumsted Township, New Jersey

Under Mr. West's leadership this project was designed and the proposal was written, budgeted, reviewed, and presented to the client and the state agency. Mr. West was also involved in the implementation of this six million-dollar contract for this private party lead Superfund site cleanup. The scope of work included the removal, transportation, and disposal of more than 30 thousand tons of PCB contaminated soil and debris from two sites in central New Jersey. Mr. West's group received expanded work scopes at these two sites.

Dupont - Lonoke, Arkansas

Mr. West managed the contractor/client interface and participated in the operations necessary to complete the lagoon waste removal, dewatering, solidification, placement, and capping at this munitions manufacturing facility. Mr. West interfaced with Dupont's contracting and engineering departments in Wilmington, DE. The total project value was approximately 700,000 dollars.

AMOCO Oil Company - Sugar Creek, Missouri

Mr. West provided the qualifications and experience materials and presentation for his employer to AMOCO personnel and AMOCO's engineer, Foster Wheeler of Livingston, NJ for the incineration of approximately 400,000 tons of refinery wastes at this closed refining facility. After several stages of qualifying presentations Mr. West's employer, ENSCO Environmental Services Inc. was one of a few contractors selected to bid on this 90 million-dollar opportunity. Mr. West was involved in the proposal development and cost estimation phases of the production of this proposal to AMOCO. The scope included the erection and operation of a ten ton per hour hazardous waste incineration operation including civil engineering and soils/sludge movement. After some consideration the client decided to approach the state agency with an alternate scope of work which substituted bioremediation of these wastes for incineration.

With his subsequent employer, Envirosafe Technologies Group Inc., Mr. West was instrumental in the design and execution of an 800,000 dollar construction project for the erection of aeration basins needed for bioremediation at this same AMOCO site.

AMTRAK - Wilmington, Delaware

Mr. West completed the estimating, budgeting, writing, and submission of this subcontract bid to a general construction contractor for work at the AMTRAK yard in Wilmington. Mr. West coordinated the implementation and removal with the general construction contractor. Mr. West and his staff managed the implementation of the transportation and disposal of the PCB contaminated solids from this project. The value of this portion of the project was approximately 2.0 million dollars.

NJDEP - Burnt Fly Bog Site

Mr. West designed and prepared the bid for this state-funded contract by coordinating the projects remedial design with the state's engineering contractor, EBASCO Services Inc. of Lyndhurst, NJ. Mr. West estimated, wrote, and was instrumental in the state's review process for this 13 million-dollar project. The scope of work included the removal, transportation, and disposal of approximately 56,000 tons of coal tar contaminated soil from this central New Jersey Superfund site.

CIBA-GEIGY Inc. - Toms River, New Jersey

Mr. West lead the team of managers responsible for the remedial design and presentation of same to the client and its consultants and attorneys. The scope of work was completed at this operating chemical manufacturing facility during the time in which it was being heavily investigated by the state of New Jersey for violations of RCRA. By coordinating the efforts of CIBA's subcontracted engineer, and its internal and external attorneys, Mr. West's employer was able to execute this 2.3 million-dollar contract in six (6) months. Following the initial phase of work, Mr. West's group completed several additional projects at the site in order to bring the operation into compliance. The scope of the base contract included the removal, characterization, packaging, treatment and/or disposal of approximately 15,000 drums of hazardous production waste materials from the on-site landfill at this facility.

American Chemical Society
American Society of Testing and Materials
Environmental Assessment Association
Hazardous Materials Control Research Institute
Institute of Hazardous Materials Management - New Jersey Chapter
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists
National Association of Environmental Professional
Who's Who Worldwide

Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (Senior Level) # 3757
Certified Environmental Inspector # 9085
Registered Environmental Manager # 5613
OSHA 1910.120 HAZWOPER training - 40 hour course
AHERA Asbestos Inspector - PA license # 011421
City of Philadelphia - Asbestos Investigator # 3632-000125
New York State Asbestos Inspector # 141476
New Jersey DEP UST - Closure and Subsurface Evaluator - License # 0014668 - Reg. # 001466
PADEP Radiation Source License - Registration Number PA-0743
Certified Niton XRF Operator
Pennsylvania Lead Inspector License (pending)


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