Thoni V. Philip; Ph.D., P.E.

Ph.D. - Metallurgical Engineering, University of Wisconsin
M.S. - Metallurgical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
B.SC. - Metallurgy, College of Mining & Metallurgy

Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in Metallurgy providing Research, Development, and Technical Services for customers and mill production. Excellent physical metallurgist. Well versed in the applications, heat treatment and failure analysis of tool and die steels, bearing steels, constructional steels, and managing stainless and high temperature alloys. Author of 24 metallurgical publications and 9 U.S. patents. Member of leading metallurgical societies in U.S. and abroad.

TVP Incorporated, Metallurgical Consultants. President and Chief Consultant.

Carpenter Technology Corporation. Special Metallurgist/Senior Metallurgist - Bearing Steels. Responsible for the quality of all bearing steels produced by Carpenter Technology and for providing technical assistance to customers.

  • Ensured that all bearing steel orders met specification requirements and were properly certified. Reviewed all bearing steel specifications for acceptance. Assisted customers in writing new or revised specifications.
  • Developed and metallurgically evaluated thermal handling procedures in the mill which improved the quality of the aircraft bearing steel M50.
  • Evaluated the effects of vacuum arc melting rates and rotary forging practice of M50 and made recommendations for appropriate manufacturing parameter changes which improved quality and cost.
  • Consulted and worked with customers in the production and metallurgical evaluation of a new aircraft bearing steel (M5ONiL) used specrimetally for bearings all over the world.
  • Developed new manufacturing line-ups for M50 steel in cooperation with production and commercial departments which increased production and on-time deliveries.
  • Assisted customers with their metallurgical problems and failure analysis of bearings and bearing steels. Captured over 60% of the world market in M50 and 440C stainless steel through excellent technical service.


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