Arthur J. Raymond, Ph.D.


Doctor of Philosophy, 1957 - Coal Technology, Pennsylvania State University
Master of Science., 1954 - Organic Chemistry, Notre Dame University
Bachelor of Science, 1952 - Chemistry, St. John's College

Air pollution testing and modeling; wastewater treatment design; hazardous and nonhazardous waste disposal; transportation of hazardous and nonhazardous waste; solidification/stabilization of hazardous waste; bioremediation of hazardous and nonhazardous waste; environmental auditing; developed refinery VOC and benzene NIESHA-P Program; designed and implemented the remediation for corrective action at Superfund site; developed refinery compliance program; developed GC/MS analyses for petroleum hydrocarbons.

  • Ten years of experience in the development of organic/inorganic liquid and solid propellants for U.S. Army and U.S. Navy.

  • Seventeen years of experience in the refinery environmental engineering field.

  • Handled the air pollution control problem for a major refinery; designed and rebuilt the electrostatic precipitators; designed the VOC program; designed the modeling program for S02 bubble for major refinery.

  • Designed the wastewater treatment plant for major refinery that discharged to POTW.

  • Designed and implemented the startup of refinery solid waste facility containing a high-pressure filter press.

  • Handled the cleanup of large site containing lube oil wastes.

  • Managed the refinery environmental engineer group for a major refinery.

  • Developed environmental compliance computer system.

  • Developed environmental training programs for a major petroleum company.

  • Managed Superfund and non-Superfund sites for a major petroleum company.

  • Managed and implemented the best methods to transport and dispose of refinery waste.

  • Handled the evaluation of property sales and purchases.

1991-1993   WESTON
1965-1991   Sun Oil Co./Sun Co., Inc.
1957-1965   Wyandotte Chemical Corp.

Water Pollution Control Federation
Air Waste Management Association
Water Resources Association
Petroleum Environmental Research Forum
Pennsylvania Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Pennsylvania Research Council
Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Water Pollution Control Association of Pennsylvania

Numerous Refinery Projects -- Sun Co., Inc.

  • Rebuilding electrostatic precipitators for major refinery F.C.C.U. on east coast.
  • Design, engineer, and startup of a high-pressure filter press for refinery waste streams.
  • Wrote operation manual for high-pressure filter press.
  • Wrote operation manual and started up 12-mgd wastewater treatment site that discharged to local POTW.
  • Designed, implemented, and remediated a large site containing a million yd 3 of waste.
  • Designed and implemented oil recovery systems for local refinery sites.
  • Managed two stabifintion/solidification projects for refinery wastes.
  • Managed the regrading and capping of a nonhazardous clay pile.
  • Managed a refinery team to obtain delisting of k-waste in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (still in effect).
  • Managed a refinery team to obtain from the EPA/PA DER an S02 bubble concept for a refinery.
  • Managed for 4 years all Superfund and non-Superfund sites for major petroleum company.
  • Managed for 6 years the disposal of refinery wastes for five refineries for major petroleum company in an economical and environmentally safe manner.
  • Managed the compliance program for a major petroleum company.
  • Managed the environmental auditing for a major petroleum company.
  • Implemented computer program to review federal/state regulations for a major petroleum company.
  • Assisted in implementing the writing of an oil spill manual for a major petroleum company.
  • Assisted in the design of a landfill to handle refinery waste in Pennsylvania.

Fifteen publications on identification of petroleum hydrocarbons by GC/MS analytical methods.

Four publications on operation of a solid waste facility.


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